Mobile penetration and the innovation in the internet have made online entrepreneurs to design their websites making it compatible with any mobile devices. This helps in increasing the visibility of online business. The problem is that mobile devices come in various screen sizes and online retailers should create or modify their sites to be responsive.

Responsive web design permits to re-size the web content according to the screen size of the device. The perception of responsive designing is to let the content fit to the screen size and not necessarily to its value. In order to adapt the evolution of technology, it is essential to create great content that can easily interact with different devices.

Structured Approach in Creating Content According to the Screen Size

Creating variation – Before creating content you should first recognize and understand the needs of the people why they are using these devices. This way you can write content that can be distributed to different channels. Variation is the key component of any content strategy. This is one way of providing information to your audience regardless of the device he or she is using.

Timing – The way people interact or appreciate the content changes constantly. Obviously, most people nowadays have the habit of browsing the mobile content upon waking up in the morning. Aside from that, some people use another device such as tablets in searching for purchases. In fact, the time spent online is divided into four media devices including smartphone, tablet, PC/laptop and television.

It is also important to know the content that works in different devices so that you can effectively create one. If you will create a content that would fit to any device, you should consider the time that you can grab and hold the attention of the readers. Considering the desktop, we know that this device keep us informed and productive. Likewise, all forms of content can work here, thus t allows presenting interactive and richer content. This gives the opportunity of taking advantage the larger screen and browser capabilities.

Mobile device works well and is ideal to use while commuting and dealing with traffic. This means that there is enough time to focus on small chunk content. People engage their time in catching up news and socials using the mobile device. Likewise, it can also be used in making critical purchases. Using the tablet keeps us entertained and most of the time engages in purchasing activities. Thus, the content that is suitable in this device is more on reviews, yet the review platform should be responsive.

When creating content you should think about your consumers and the mobile device that they are using. However, most people have been using devices in two different manners such as simultaneously and sequentially. In re-sizing the content you still need to consider the SEO benefits. Otherwise, if you will just re-size the content according to the size of the screen of the mobile device, there is a tendency to violate the standards of SEO.