Logo Designing and Trust Building

The logo is usually a touch point within touch points. The right logo and presentation can go a long way to bringing consumers to the interaction with a receptive attitude to your message. Approaching a logo design no longer is about getting an image that fits in the letterhead but is part of the larger project of building connections with your target community and representing the narrative of your business. It is usually these connections that direct the consumers back to your business desk when they are in need of a service or product you provide.

We at Rorko understand the need for a design that is versatile in order to perform across touch points. In today’s times creativity has the potential to trump budget size and our design approach strikes this balance to serve your objectives.

1. Cross-platform Integration

Consumption of information has become highly personalised but this does not necessarily mean it is always happening in the palm of the hand. With screen sizes ranging from 80” on smart TVs to 5” on smart phones, logos need to perform on various scales, literally and figuratively. This means that viewers have to find your representation uniformly recognisable on all these platforms. The importance of consistency across platforms to building confidence and loyalty in consumer with regard to a company cannot be overstated.

2. Representation Of The Larger Narrative

The design must be relevant to the project at hand as well represent the larger story-telling efforts. A logo efficiently binds various messages and platforms to a single point, your company. Hence its design must be an investment to ensure that it fits in the larger narrative that you wish to share with your intended audience.

3. Concept Driven

Keeping in mind the previous point a logo must begin from the story which it will represent. Hence, all the elements of design and presentation must strike this connection. Quantitative gains in a 21st century business is dependant on connections. Contextualizing the logo to the larger story and successfully presenting it, conveys your interest in building an honest relationship with your target audience based on the value addition your product/service provides.

4. Presentation in line with the rest of the design

The design once finalized must be presented in a manner that conforms with the user experience on all touch points the consumer interacts with the brand. Any inconsistency in this regard will communicate mixed signals to your potential customers making the task of building connections more difficult.