The Relationship and Difference between User Experience and Usability

If you are one of those persons who are confused between the term “user experience and usability”, you don’t need to worry since this is the best time for you to have a clear and better understanding about such terms. According to researches, there are several reasons why most people are confused when they read these two terms.

The first reason is that they fail to emphasize the relationship between user experience and usability and the second reason is almost all the posts are quite alike in nature. In order for you to be familiar about the relationship and difference between user experience and usability, here are some of the salient information and details that you should know.

  • According to ISO Definition, usability is merely related with satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness that will help the specified user to attain their specified goals in a certain environment while the user experience is associated with the entire aspects of user’s experience especially when it comes in interacting with the facility, environment, service and product.
  • When it comes to website, the main intend of usability is to generate a website that is easy to utilize while the main intend of user experience is to make their respective user happy after using a certain website. Usability is also related with the ease in achieving their main goals while they are interacting with a particular website while the user experience is more concerned about the user’s way on how to perceive interaction with a certain website.
  • In line with this, usability also involves employees who greatly influence the interface of website design while the user experience will require the seamless and collective effort on those employees from different department such as interface design, industrial and graphical design, marketing and engineering.
  • It is true that user experience requires more time and effort to come up with the best possible results and the best results have a great impact in developing the relationship between the brand and the user.

It is a fact that usability has narrower concept compared to user experience since usability usually focus on the so called goal achievement especially when you are using a website. User experience can be a consequence of system performance, presentation, assistive capabilities and interactive behavior of interactive system. It simply means that the well known user experience is associated with various aspects such as usability, marketing, accessibility, HCI, ergonomics, design and human factors.

The alternative way in order for you to have an apparent and superior understanding about the relationship of user experience and usability is by simple subdividing the user experience into brand experience, desirability, usability and utility. By doing this, you will surely have a concrete understanding about the relationship and difference between user experience and usability. With all the information and details that are stated above, you can be sure that you can easily and quickly understand the real essence of user experience and usability particularly when it comes to the modern use of technology.