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The ‘Phantom’ Update By Google and What Has Not Changed

What truly matters in the twenty first century world of marketing is that brands show up time and again and deliver consistently. How do brands show up? Well, they don’t. People who work at those companies turn up. In the digital age this means, that, digital touch points, the windows of your business are open and engaging.... Read more >>

Effective Designing E- commerce Sites For Your Business

Businesses and design teams that  sculpt their creative output with the understanding that all devices and platforms are part of a single communication system will do well in engaging the consumer. After all, being accessible is a basic step but the most important one as everything else that is possible is based on this one.... Read more >>

Logo Designing and Trust Building

logo-designing-and-trust-buildingThe logo is usually a touch point within touch points. The right logo and presentation can go a long way to bringing consumers to the interaction with a receptive attitude to your message. Approaching a logo design no longer is about getting an image that fits in the letterhead but is part of the larger project of building connections with your target community and representing the narrative of your business. It is usually these connections that direct the consumers back to your business desk when they are in need of a service or product you provide.... Read more >>

The Principles of Choosing Between Mobile App and Mobile Website

mobile-appIf you are planning to start a new business you need to decide whether you will use a mobile website or mobile app in promoting or marketing your business. However, there are several factors to consider before investing to any of this option. You should think about the accessibility, speed and cost of each option because these two are entirely different. It is important to decide according to your business needs.... Read more >>

5 Steps to the Perfect Mobile Web Strategy

5-Steps-to-the-Perfect-Mobile-Web-StrategyKnowing the right Mobile Web Strategy is certainly the most important especially if you want to have a good presence in mobile web application. This is important because the number of people who are using mobile to browse the web is increasing every day. Read on to know the 5 steps to the perfect mobile web strategy.... Read more >>

Screen Size and Its Implications on WWW & Mobile

screen-size-and-its-implications-on-www-&-mobileMobile penetration and the innovation in the internet have made online entrepreneurs to design their websites making it compatible with any mobile devices. This helps in increasing the visibility of online business. The problem is that mobile devices come in various screen sizes and online retailers should create or modify their sites to be responsive.... Read more >>

10 Ways to Improve User Experience for Mobile

10-Ways-to-Improve-User-Experience-for-MobileEnhancing the user experience for mobile is very significant in order for your app to become more recognized. This is essential especially for the app developers and makers who wanted their app to become a big hit.... Read more >>

5 Critical Decisions to Consider When Developing Your Mobile Application Budget

Mobile Application BudgetTo make sure that you can develop a successful mobile application, apart from meticulous planning, it is also important to have an effective decision when it comes to your mobile application budget. ... Read more >>

The Relationship and Difference between User Experience and Usability

If you are one of those persons who are confused between the term “user experience and usability”, you don’t need to worry since this is the best time for you to have a clear and better understanding about such terms. According to researches, there are several reasons why most people are confused when they read these two terms.... Read more >>

Top 25 website design and development companies in bangalore

t3_logo_light_17It gives me immense joy to share this news to all the well wishers of Rorko Technologies. We have been recognised as Top 25 website design and development companies in bangalore. I take this opportunity to thank our team and this recognition is because of our hard work and dedication.We at Rorko will continue to have #relentless atitude and innovate to give our clients the best internet based technology solutions. 2014 we plan to bring few more awesome solutions to help business matter online. ... Read more >>