The Software Engineering Approach to Improve your Business

  • Transform your software development processes
  • Accelerate your Product Release Cycle
  • Maximize your Operational Efficiency

Maintaining stability while releasing new features is one challenge that many software companies find it tough to overcome. Having to wait for other people/machines to solve issues can cause a lot of frustration and unhappiness that could decrease your productivity. Our DevOps services are designed to prevent such situations by standardizing the production processes and automating deployments.

devops Concept-development

DevOps services can help you in

  • Maintaining consistency in your software deliveries
  • Reducing complexities involved in managing your systems
  • Resolving the problems as and when they occur
  • Improving the productivity of your teams
  • Enhancing your IT systems and streamlining your processes
  • Improving the collaboration between your development and operational teams
  • Automating your routine repetitive tasks
devops Infrastructure Deployment

Infrastructure Deployment

By taking over all aspects of your server management and maintenance, we make sure your business processes run smoothly. We ensure better performance of your business and cost savings in the long run by completely managing the deployment of your server, systems and network devices. This will enable you to focus better on your core business operations and exercise better control on your processes.

Environment Management

We configure DevOps to automate large parts of your software development as well as deployment processes. We build and deploy DevOps automation for constant development, consistent integration, continual testing and optimized delivery. By adopting best practices we drastically improve your cycle time, while minimizing the release time, without impacting the standards and compliance.

devops Environment Management

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

Working in isolation and having to integrate changes with the rest of the team members’ code base is a challenge that software developers find very difficult to overcome. Through continuous integration (CI) we automate the process of building and testing the code every time a change is made. Merging changes into a shared version control repository makes it easier to automate testing and monitor the release.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is aimed at removing the bottlenecks associated with software release cycles. By leveraging automation, it minimizes the time needed to deploy, mitigate or remediate production incidents such as TTR and TTM. It eliminates idle time, while optimizing the process time. It helps you deliver value to your end users by enabling you to release in a consistent way, without giving in to errors.

devops Continuous Delivery

devops Consistent Monitoring

Consistent Monitoring

Consistent Monitoring helps in minimizing the time needed to detect and mitigate issues that may arise during performance. The automated process helps deliver quick feedback to the development teams so that the issues can be resolved before they start affecting the users. This will help you deliver without delays, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, acquisition as well as retention.

Deployment and Performance

Releasing applications that deliver slow user experiences is one thing that no software company can afford. This calls for performance testing with quick feedback, which can happen only if the entire process is automated. By incorporating automated deployment and performance, we make it easier for your team members to access all that they need to design, implement or analyse tests, in an easier and a faster way.

devops Deployment and Performance

Benefits of DevOps

  • Faster development of software and more frequent deliveries
  • Better collaboration and integration among globally connected teams
  • Reliable and Stable Operating Environments
  • Faster recognition and correction of issues
  • Shorter release cycles through continuous integration, development and testing
  • More time to focus on core business operations

The Rorko Advantage

  • Efficient team with rich experience in open-source, cloud-based and commercial tools
  • Industry Best Practices and Proactive services to help businesses tackle challenges
  • Greater transparency and a higher level of professionalism
  • Continuous improvement in processes and quality of services
  • Faster and more Efficient delivery of projects
  • Rapid deployments, Consistent monitoring and Efficient lines of code

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