We at Rorko understand that business transactions either within the company or with customers no longer happens in fixed windows. Transactions happen on the go. Accessibility is not the only issue but content and messages optimized for the new windows of business must be the priority for any enterprise. We at Rorko understand the that being mobile ready is crucial to businesses optimising their operations presently but to remain competitive in the future as well.

We are experienced at developing as well transferring tools and applications for and on mobiles to ensure that your enterprise remains accessible and scalable; and ready for growth. We aim to do this not simply by placing the content on mobile platforms but ensure that with design and development works towards ensuring that UI of such content accesses on mobile devices by clients provides that best possible experience apart from being accessible. With the number of people who engage with content on their mobile devices increasing all the time, user experience; with your UI and message, plays a crucial role in creating first impressions and driving actions. This in turn affects your ROI. Driving growth on the bottom line is now about being accessible and optimised; building networks that allow you to remain connected and empowered to respond to your clients. Being mobile enabled goes a long way to ensuring this.

  • We help in defining the right strategy and determining the right technology for your company.
  • Develop applications and tools to be accessed on the mobile better connecting your network of employees and customers.
  • We can connect your content with publishers to better performance of your site as well as your message.