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Reduce your accounting work through RK Billing /invoice and simplify your financial process.

  • Get paid online with smarter invoice
  • Get the grasp of the system within no time
  • With mobile, Billing/Invoice is on the go
Financial service

Advanced Billing and invoicing software/online application gives you a simple, efficient and cost-effective method to gain full control over the accounting processes of your organization. Billing and invoicing software/online application is specifically designed and developed to facilitate an easy management and maintenance of all the financial and accounting records of the company. Rorko billing/invoice is a quick, easy to use, time-saving financial software solution, and makes accurate calculations of all the enterprise billing details more effectively.

Rork, invoice and inventory management utility monitors and supports company details, employees’ profile, income-expense records, tax details, voucher entries and other financial tasks. The application efficiently tracks your stock records, product records, inventory details, sale orders, and purchase orders. It accurately prepares profit/loss reports, general ledgers (trial balance, balance sheets), billing reports, etc.


Simple book-keeping utility is useful accounting software for small & medium businesses organizations to meet the exact needs of business in a cost-effective way.

Rorko focuses on billing software, which is easy to use and provides invoicing, billing and customer management applications. Small business invoicing software includes the ability to create invoices very easily with auto-fill elements and the ability to share invoices through email, or as PDF or HTML files. We also look at time billing elements that are important for those who bill for their services by time.

Billing and payment feature is basically the invoice follow-up section that includes the capability to track overdue invoices as well as the ability to accept a variety of payment methods, including partial payments, credits and down payments.

Rorko’s invoice and billing software does not require advanced accounting skills. The invoicing and billing software is very easy to use. Moreover, anyone can create a professional-looking invoice within minutes.

  • Cost-effective bookkeeping software/online application.
  • Reduces paper work and increases business profit.
  • Easy to use application for small-medium businesses.

Get in touch with our experts regarding Financial Services

Get in touch with our experts regarding Financial Services