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DevOps solutions For Your IT problems

At fіrѕt glаnсе, уоur limited IT budgеt mеаnѕ your оrgаnіzаtіоn іѕ “stuck” wіth a legacy buѕіnеѕѕ. But take a closer lооk. Sаvvу CIOѕ ѕее DеvOрѕ... Read More

Rorko-Turns Your Imagination into Reality

In this digital era, each and every person is addicted to internet. A study reveals that nearly about 1.17 billion people use the internet facility in their day-to-day lives. This number is growing... Read More

The first impression most people have of your business is through your logo

An attractive logo to your business is foremost important for your online business. As it is the online window for your network. Logo design plays a vital role in establishing relationships with new... Read More

Rorko Technologies on Deccan Chronicle

Rorko Technologies on Deccan Chronicle, Our Managing Director Parag Masteh’s view on Internet Marketing,Rural Sector and more In Raichur, Bellary and Gulbarga, engineering students are a dime a... Read More

What is Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) and why is it needed for the organization

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a large-scale software system that is designed to improve the performance and efficiency of a large/medium sized... Read More

Why Small Business Should Have Websites.

Internet is moving fast and how. Give your business an internet edge and elevate your sales,Here is our 5 point on why small businesses should have their own website. 1.Your website is your Business... Read More