Social you and Social Us

Oct 15
social you and us

Keeping up with our relentless passion for giving the best internet based services, we at Rorko technologies have launched few initiatives, from which we are sure to help our clients to take advanced advantages of internet.

Everything’s Online: We at Rorko technologies truly believe that internet is the way forward and hence a policy, which is adopted and called as everything’s online, right from presentations, estimates, invoice, support etc. Aim here is to give dedicated attention to all our clients and prospective customers thereby creating an eco system, which is more tending towards symbiosis than client-vendor relationship.

Viral you!: After a research conducted by our sister venture, we now have in place a support system, which addresses your needs via social media the beta launch was a success and now we have implemented this as companies policy and have a pretty good name for that Viral you!

We are very happy in announcing these initiative; many more policies like this will be implemented very soon. Good or Bad +1 us, Pin usfollow uslike us ,  share us ,, Social you and Social Us.