The ‘Phantom’ Update By Google and What Has Not Changed

Jul 08

What truly matters in the twenty first century world of marketing is that brands show up time and again and deliver consistently. How do brands show up? Well, they don’t. People who work at those companies turn up. In the digital age this means, that, digital touch points, the windows of your business are open and engaging.

If the buzz over the recent Google update to their search engine is anything to go by, many well known websites have ignored quality of content on their sites. At least according to this article; the update though sprung a surprise on most, the sites themselves that have paid a price have done so for not doing what they should have been doing all along.

This is a bit like the student in the class who tries to impress the teacher with whatever he knows rather than focus on learning the subject. Websites that do not constantly maintain their content and upgrade user experience will pay a price.

Forget trying to fool the algorithm, because that is not the real game at all. What you really want to achieve is build a community of people around your brand. The approach needs to change in order to achieve this.

Get rid of the excess baggage. Ensure there are no errors and all your links function the way they are supposed to. Ensure that the visitor to your website does not have to spend unnecessary effort to access information. For example, videos that play automatically demand higher speeds and slow down the experience.

Business sites especially will do well to ensure that the site is properly audited because what they risk is not just losing a few fans but a fall in KPIs that could be brutal for companies. Have the right intentions by ensuring you constantly focus on providing your community a better experience. That has been the name of the game in digital age if not even before that; and it has not changed.