Native Mobile

For apps that are faster, smoother and more reliable

  • Mobility solutions tailored to your unique business needs
  • Flexible designs for successful integration of your ideas
  • Flawless apps that ensure exceptional user experiences

Native apps are specially written for their specific platforms using the platform-standard languages and tool kits. As a result these apps make maximum use of the features of the software and operating systems. Apart from delivering optimal performance, native apps offer enhanced user experience. Developing performance-critical native mobile apps that lead to absolute user satisfaction is our specialty and we will make sure these apps are tailored to your specific requirements and goals.


Native mobile app development is all about:

  • Offering Better performance
  • Improving user experience
  • Gaining Complete access to the built-in functionalities of smartphones
  • Providing Enhanced Security to your apps
  • Making it Easier for your audience to discover your apps
  • Maximizing marketing and promotional support
  • Eliminating the need to be connected to the internet permanently
native Strategy


The first step in native mobile app development is strategy that involves the transformation of your app-building idea into a low-level feature set. This feature set will answer every question that users can think about while accessing the app.Your idea, when merged with our expertise and experience in native mobile app development, will give birth to a product that makes absolute sense to your users. The focus will always be on maximum customer engagement and improved functionality.


We focus on two things when it comes to developing the architecture of your native mobile app – the Userflow and the Blueprint. Userflow refers to the outline that establishes the connection between the features. Blueprint on the other hand is the wireframe that talks about the various steps in the process. Sketches of every screen of your app will be prepared including the buttons, text and the layout so that you get a fair idea of the look and feel of your app.

native Architecture

native Design


This is the stage of visual designing where the blue print we had prepared in the architecture, comes to life. This is where we actually flesh out your app by deciding on things such as color scheme, layout, style and fonts. Apart from this, we look for errors or dead links if any, either in the flow or usability and gather valuable feedback related to the functionality of your app. Keeping in mind the user experience, we design different interfaces for different screen sizes.


This stage involves the actual development of the app. We use code frameworks such as Objective-C in iOS and Java/Android SDK in android to build native mobile apps. Our experts make use of the platform-specific languages and development tools (Xcode and Objective-C with iOS and Eclipse and Java with Android) to develop native apps.The right combination of tools and processes help us come up with efficient, secure, usable and fault-tolerant native apps within the specified time and budget.

native Development

native Testing


User enjoyment is the main thing that determines the success of an app. We make sure the app looks and performs best on various devices with different screen sizes. With a complete app concept, perfectly placed text and exciting graphics, we conduct rigorous testing of your app in different real-world scenarios, for technical faults if any. We thoroughly debug your app for cross-platform compatibility of graphics, images as well as user experience.


As we help you through your app promotion efforts, we also work on distributing your app on the various app marketplaces, such as App Store and Google Play. You could submit your app on to PreApps for some pre-release feedback. We recommend including app analytics such as Google Analytics, to optimize your app and maximize its appeal to target audience. We help you with your regular platform updates and newer version releases to survive competition and retain audience base.

native Deployment

Benefits of Native Mobile Development

  • Runs Faster and performs well
  • Shows up in App Stores Easily
  • Makes it easy to add new features
  • Interacts directly with various mobile hardware
  • Helps users work offline

The Rorko Advantage

  • Expert team of developers with relevant experience
  • Timely development of apps, within the specified budget
  • Premium service customized to your needs
  • Absolute transparency in dealings
  • Complete support to clear your queries

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