Android Applications

Rorko develops advanced mobile applications such as chat on social networking sites, location-based tools, travel guides, helpful applications, games and many more by using Android. Android is nothing but a mobile operating system using a little more modified version of Linux kernel. It is developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Android has very huge community of developers and lots of apps have developed by Android Developers to pull out functionality of the device.


  • An affordable way to generate revenue for your business.
  • Customized Feature to give you competitive edge.
  • You have the freedom to distribute anywhere just publish the apps where you want.
  • Android OS demand is high in the market.

Android Application Development Process


Android Application Development can be the best option for inter-application integration. If one has a couple of programs and also thinking of merging these or cross-promote, then nothing can beat Android operating system. It can generate comfortably bind the connection among software and can generate proficient knowledge.

Rorko’s most experienced and expert Android developers are at ease with using Android development kit. Rich, attractive and pleasant user interfaces can be developed by our team. Our developers can also create widgets like buttons, text-entry fields and checkboxes. After analyzing your business needs, our smart developers would create widgets for you. Our team will develop Android apps by using SDK, NDK and services, which include SOAP, RESE, XML, and JSON plus object oriented design.

Android App Development can be carried out on different devices. Moreover, it doesn’t demand a special account. There is no membership requirement, where developer can launch into his Android application development venture and release the new application without someone having to approve his application. So, you can enjoy wide verities of apps.

One of the most comfortable, user friendly and to help people gets involved with your brand. Every app that is tailored made, which fits to your business needs. This would be cost effective and get you new clients and business. You can even have the chance to change the operating system to include your business’ brand on it. This gives you unique, standard status in the business world. Every app is designed using latest technology and branded with your company logo. We give you the advance feature, which easily fits in to your requirements.

Rorko’s Android application development team has unique skills and vast experience in the Android development by using Java, Android SDK and Android Development Tools (ADT) plug-in for Eclipse IDE. We offer service for GPS, Multimedia, Geo Location, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi depended applications. Android OS has vigorous support for Graphics, Audio and Media Types. We offer affordable and on the time solution for Android Application Development needs.

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