Our tag line When Being Online Matters is intended not only to communicate our understanding regarding the importance of online presence for businesses but also to have the right approach in presenting the message of your enterprise. Being online is not merely about setting up a website but optimising content for the audience in the space that is designed.

Design and content are not consumed separately and we at Rorko with our multi disciplinary approach aim to bring our design capabilities to fulfill the specific needs of your business and sharpen the delivery of your message to provide your enterprise with a synergy of design and concept that will give your online presence an edge.

Custom Application

As part of our approach to design we bring to the table we engage with your enterprise at the level of values and processes to understand the specific needs and deliver systems that shaped in accordance with the contours of your needs. Content Management demands efficiency powered by creativity and we work with you to co-create just such a system.


Using platforms to deliver easy-to-use websites we simplify the design and optimise content management. Our problem specific approach to design extends to CMS services as well and with our team of highly experienced developers and designers we aim to provide your business’s online presence a boost by delivering concepts and messages on platforms and in designs that you would find easy to manage. This ensures you keep your online portal to the world open, efficient and connected at all times.

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