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User Experience

Delightful UX designs to make your product come alive

  • Exceptional designs that offer wholesome user experiences
  • Insightful approaches to solve every problem of your user
  • Thoughtful processes to maximize your ROI

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The only thing that can set your product apart is the kind of experience it provides to your users. A great user experience (UX) is said to have been achieved when the user enjoys using your product. It involves a lot of research and analytics to come up with an actionable insight for UX. Apart from understanding your target audience, their expectations and objectives, it is also important to define goals, map tasks and create scenarios that can help in creating an effective UX to optimize your conversions.

User Experience (UX) can help you with:

  • Identifying the goals that you want to achieve
  • Determining the requirements & expectations of your target audience
  • Adopting a user-centric approach to optimize conversions
  • Focusing on the perfect product right from the start
  • Minimizing issues that may crop up during development
  • Investing in the right kind of resources to build customer loyalty
  • Creating a platform to design more effective future solutions
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User Experience is all about offering the user what he wants. The only way to get this right is to understand users perfectly. Rorko technologies places maximum emphasis on research that will help us gain complete knowledge about your target audience and their expectations from you. This forms the basis of the UX design that we create for you.


This stage deals with the summarization of the information that is gathered through research. It is about creating perfect user personas that give you a clear idea about who your users are, what they want and why they do what they do. A thorough analysis of such personas offer shareable and actionable insights that help in optimizing conversions.




An ideal strategy is very crucial if you want to come up with a workable design. This involves the definition of the experience that you wish to create and the principles that you need to adopt to achieve the same. All our efforts at this stage are focused on figuring out the shortest and the most intuitive path that will help us meet the user goals.


The next step would be to build a structure of the UX design by creating a wireframe. While providing a visual representation of the UX design, this wireframe provides a flexible platform to improve the productivity of your creative processes. At this stage we focus on process flow mapping, Information Architecture and User Journey Testing.




Keeping the user goals in mind, we proceed towards building the actual UX design that will maximize the user’s convenience and pleasure of interacting with your product. At this stage we put in maximum efforts to enhance user satisfaction and increase loyalty. The objective is to come up with a product that effectively connects your goals to your users’ needs.

Validation & Beyond

As we focus on the actual coding of the UX design, we continue with our testing and validation processes to achieve the desired user experience. We carefully observe the various interactions of users with your product and determine the level of satisfaction they experience. This sets us in the right mode to come up with the future versions of your application.


Benefits of UX

  • Increases user satisfaction & promotes loyalty
  • Minimizes costs of development & support
  • Optimizes conversion rates & increases sales
  • Enables you to enjoy a competitive edge
  • Strengthens & reinforces user ties to your product
  • The Rorko Advantage

  • Expertise and Experience that can make your UX designs appealing
  • Unmatched work ethics that lead to long term business relationships
  • Exceptional design-thinking approach for successful products
  • Expert Advice for better customer retention & revenue generation
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