IT Outsourcing

Software and Management services suited to you

  • Improve your business conversions
  • Streamline your processes
  • Maximise your productivity
IT outsourcing

IT is the foundation of any modern business and as a startup you are reliant upon having the perfect IT solutions in place before a single customer walks through the doors. With a dedicated team of IT specialists and software engineers, we can create the perfect IT solution for your business and manage it for you from conception.

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing can help you with:

  • Finding cost effective business solutions
  • Building bespoke software and applications
  • Creating a team of specialists
  • Choosing from a range of solutions
  • Maximising your productivity
  • In house and customer facing design
  • Access wherever you are
IT specialists

IT Specialists

We provide a team of IT specialists designed specifically to enhance and improve your IT performance. They will present a range of solutions to your business problems and discuss ways to ensure that all your needs are covered most effectively.

Bespoke Solutions

IT outsourcing isn’t just about managing your IT needs, it is also about building the software that will most benefit your company. Rather than buying off the shelf, we will create bespoke solutions to maximise your productivity and streamline your processes. No company is identical to the next, so why settle for a one-fits-all model when you could tailor your own?

bespoke solution

cross platform applications

Cross-Platform Applications

In modern business, a web based application isn’t enough. This is why all our software can be used on mobile, cloud, web and in house devices for optimal usage. Whether your operatives are in the office, out in the field or working from home, they will always have access to your network.

Customer Facing

Not all business software solutions are for in house use only and we will deliver projects suitable for your clients to use. With intuitive design and simple instructions, we can help you encourage your clients to convert and improve your conversion rate.

customer facing

management reporting

Management Reporting

Data collection and manipulations is at the core of any successful business model. We offer data processing with our specialist team of IT specialists and produce an easy to understand report. This will give you the ability to see where your business is going and the areas you can improve.

Cost Effective

Creating an in house team of IT specialists is an expensive venture; outsourcing your IT requirements is a much more cost effective method. We create bespoke solutions to ensure that all your needs are met in order to improve your business without breaking the bank.

cost effective

Benefits of IT Outsourcing

  • Improved efficiency for better results
  • Cost effective method for modern business IT needs
  • Data management reports for tracking

The Rorko Advantage

  • A specialised team rich in experience
  • Professional services and transparency
  • Effective communication to meet your needs

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