Project management

Handling your projects from conception to completion

  • Best practices to enhance the overall health of your project portfolio
  • Closing gaps in your project management capabilities
  • Helping you derive maximum benefits from your projects

Completing projects within time can be crucial for the success of your organization. Many issues may arise at various stages of your project implementation, making it difficult to achieve your project goals. You can effectively handle all such issues and more by choosing our comprehensive project management services at any stage of your project. Through practical experience, proven best practices and a commitment to serve, we ensure timely delivery of quality projects as per your requirements.

Project management can help you in:

  • Delivering services efficiently
  • Achieving absolute customer satisfaction
  • Obtaining a better market position with a competitive edge
  • Improving the overall development and growth of your team
  • Optimizing your project portfolio tools, templates and processes
  • Making maximum use of your time, budget, talent and efforts
  • Grabbing more opportunities to extend your services
Project management can help
project analysis

Project Analysis

Project analysis is all about understanding the client expectations and coming up with a plan to meet them. It starts with gathering requirements and then moves towards the creation of a requirement management plan that will define the way in which these requirements would be documented, communicated, tracked and changed throughout the lifecycle. It is all about breaking down the final deliverables into detailed business requirements.

Project Scheduling

We create a realistic project schedule that will contain all details of the tasks that need to be performed, the resources that will be used to perform these tasks, and the timeframes within which these tasks need to be completed. This schedule can be accessed and updated by all the team members who are associated with the project. Apart from communicating the overall project status, this schedule also provides a route map that will help in delivering the project well within time.

project scheduling

project coordinating

Project Coordinating

Coordinating with your team becomes extremely important when it comes to delivering projects within time. We do a thorough assessment of your team before assigning individual responsibilities to your team members. We monitor their progress at various stages of the project. We collect, analyze and dispense the required information to the team members and make sure they coordinate their work until the project sees its completion.

Project Execution

This is the longest stage of project management that uses a lot of resources and energy. It involves the use of the right tools and processes that can help in managing the time, the costs, the quality, the changes, the risks and the issues pertaining to the project. This stage is focused on working efficiently as a team and remaining well within the project scope, while successfully overcoming the challenges posed by unpredicted circumstances and difficulties.

project execution

project monitoring

Project Monitoring

The purpose of monitoring a project is to make sure the project activities are progressing as per the schedule. It is mainly a process of systematic and purposeful observation which enables us to gather complete information about the various aspects of the project. We keep you updated through our regular feedbacks about the progress of your project. We ensure your project is well-within scope and will be delivered within the specified timeframe and budget.

Project Review

Reviewing the project that has been executed helps us make sure the project was delivered as per expectations of the client. Here we measure the deliverables that are produced by the project and document the results of such review. This helps us step back and look at the system deeply so as to fix things before the client notices them. In the process we learn a lot about improving our methods and processes so that the project goals can be met even more easily.

project review

Benefits of Project Management

  • Saves money, time and efforts
  • Timely delivery of quality projects
  • Better flexibility
  • Optimized use of business’s resources
  • Increase in quality and quantity of projects

The Rorko Advantage

  • Proven process and methodology to deliver quality projects within time
  • Global best practices to ensure complete fulfillment of client requirements
  • Dedicated project team that is technically capable of handling all kinds of projects
  • Involvement of senior management in every project
  • Successful delivery strategies that help us meet every client’s expectations

Get in touch with our experts regarding Project management

Get in touch with our experts regarding Project management