Prototyping Services

Working prototypes to bring your design into reality

  • Refine the functionality of your product concepts
  • Increase the worth of your investments
  • Transform your incredible app designs into reality
Prototyping Services

Prototyping refers to the process of creating an initial model or a preliminary working version of a product that forms the basis for further development. It involves the gathering of requirements, turning them into a quick design, the actual building of the prototype, evaluation and refinement, engineering of the product and iteration. Prototyping makes it easier to test your concept, present your idea and protect your investments before launching the actual product in the market.

Prototyping can help

Prototyping can help you with:

  • Fine-tuning your idea or concept
  • Providing better focus or clarity to your design
  • Developing a minimal viable product that can go into serious development
  • Identifying and clarifying misunderstandings early in the process
  • Demonstrating the functionality of your application
  • Minimizing downtimes and preventing large-scale failures post launch
  • Setting goals and predicting realistic development schedules
Prototype Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

Determining your requirements plays a crucial role in the successful development of your product. At Rorko technologies we not only collect your requirements, but we also define, verify and formulate them so as to determine the overall objectives of your system. We analyze each and every concept clearly to define the UI/UX design of your app.

Designing UI Interface

No product is of use unless it seems functional to your potential customers. This is where it becomes very important to design your UI interface. At this stage we focus on designing the required features and adding functionality to your design so as to help you come up with a better product without wasting much of time or money on the development.

Designing UI Interface

Building the Prototype

Building the Prototype

This is the most important stage of prototyping where in your idea is transformed into a clickable, high-accuracy wireframe. It involves the actual construction of your design, which approximates the characteristics of your final product. We use the best tools to develop a workable prototype that defines every aspect of your app architecture.

Evaluation & Refinement

This stage is about the modification of the prototype as per the feedback of the users. It involves the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the prototype, while focusing on what needs to be added or removed. We make sure every specification of the design is implemented and every problem is fixed much before the final product is developed.

Evaluation & Refinement

Prototype Engineering


This stage deals with the engineering of a functional prototype that can actually be deployed. This gives you a clear idea of the time frame that you would need to produce and distribute your final product in huge volumes. We put in every effort to match your prototype with your final product so that you can make your key decisions much early in the process.


The key to successful product launch is to give your users a product that is absolutely functional and error-free. Iteration is the only way to achieve this. Through thorough evaluation and testing, we make sure all errors are identified and fixed. We keep iterating until we are absolutely sure the prototype exceeds the expectations of your target audience.

Prototype Iteration

Benefits of Prototyping

  • Acts as reference tool for developers
  • Clears bottlenecks and implementation issues
  • Improves and increases user interaction
  • Reduces time involved in product development
  • Increases the cost-efficiency of product development

The Rorko Advantage

  • Team of experts with vast experience in prototyping
  • Advanced technology tools to turn your designs into reality
  • Professional service with cost-effectiveness guaranteed
  • High-level support to ensure the success of your investments
  • Timely development of working prototypes, customized to your needs

Turn your ideas into a software prototype