How To Build An Effective Enterprise Website For Your Business

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With the present intense online competition, it is not enough to build a website for your small business for a competitive advantage. There are about 12 to 24 million ecommerce websites worldwide, with more created each day. These numbers suggest a competitive market; however, there is good news – less than a million of these websites make more than $1000 per year in sales meaning there is more room for exploration. The growing popularity of website development platforms like WordPress means more people can build their sites, making ecommerce shops a more popular way to make money online.

Having an online presence is crucial for every enterprise, even brick-and-mortar shops. Building a business website isn’t difficult, but one that is effective for user experience, generates traffic, and creates leads to cut through the present digital competition will require some work. There are various principles you should keep in mind to create such a website. At Rorko, we understand this.

Design principles for an effective enterprise website


Mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is crucial for a compelling business website. Statistics suggest that most people spend over five hours on their mobile devices, with 79% of smartphone users making at least one online purchase with the devices in the last six months. It is fair to say that your business website’s mobile responsiveness is vital for providing the most positive user experience. Potential customers will abandon your website for a competitor when it’s difficult to navigate via mobile device. Negative user experience can likewise affect your search rankings as google places high emphasis on user experience.

Easy accessibility

It is essential to create a domain name that is easy to find. It could be a direct match for your business name or description of your business. You can also have multiple domains point to your website. However, this will require technical SEO implementations, content marketing strategies, keyword research, and paid advertising to generate website traffic. Fortunately, Rorko has the web development expertise to deliver on all your web development needs.

Easy design and navigation

Web development experts have recommended keeping your top menu navigation to five and related pages organized as drop menus. You should clearly label your navigation to ensure users can easily find their way back regardless of where they land on your website. Color, fonts, and gifs can distract and drag user focus away from the web page. To keep your design simple, use short paragraphs and bullet points, limit font and GIFs to make your content easy to read and more sales-oriented.

Need for speed

The importance of your website speed cannot be understated. Website speed is vital for a positive user experience since your conversion rates are more likely to remain the same or drop with a poor site speed. Averagely, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you will likely see 40% of users abandon your website.

Keep contact information at the website top

You don’t want potential customers to struggle to contact you. This is why you should put your contact details where they are easily accessible. Your contact information should be visible and easy to find on your website. Customers don’t have to search for your website. Also, include your social media links to both your website header and footer for easy accessibility.

Integrate best SEO practices

What is the point of having the best website out there if users can’t find it? While paid advertising can drive sales prospects to your website, organic traffic is the most sustainable and cost-efficient way to generate website traffic. People go to search engines such as Google when looking for information. Many usually find it on the first page, and that is where you want your business website to appear. Your listing is affected by three key factors crawling, indexing, and ranking. It would be best to find IT solutions like Rorko to do more for less for the best SEO practice.

Benefits of professionally designed business website

Professional website design is essential for your audience to perceive your brand. The impression you create on your potential customers will make them stay longer on your web page to learn about your business products and services or leave for your competitor’s site. While a good professional website design is effective for keeping your leads, there are several other benefits, including:

Providing better first impression on potential customers

Poorly designed websites create an unprofessional feel and taint your business credibility. In the present competitive digital climate, the first impression is vital for making successful sales.

Keeping up with your competitors

Your enterprise website needs to be equipped with the latest technology and design trends to stay ahead of your competition.

Reduce your bounce rate

An effective business website won’t only keep up with your attractive users but also keep them long enough to know about everything your business offers.

Save money

Building an effective enterprise business website from the start helps avoid any high costs in future website updates and redesigning.

Build consistent brand identity

Building a consistent brand identity is key for establishing business credibility and trustworthiness. It likewise helps with effectively communicating your brand’s message.

Why you should choose us

As a top WordPress website development company, Rorko offers a website that truly represents your brand by digging deep to appreciate your ethos and business needs. After comprehensive research, we offer custom WordPress website design and development to deliver superior quality websites with intuitive navigation, fantastic design, and quality assurance checks to ensure everything is perfect before you go live.

With complete industry, business, and competitor analysis to design websites that meet your functionality and UX expectations for the best customer experience. Our comprehensive security measures will protect and keep your business safe. Rorko’s ecommerce designs promote sales, lead conversions and enhance overall business profitability.

Our content management solutions are customized to suit your precise application with particular revenue maximization considerations while ensuring simple and effective content management.
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