How Custom Software Development Amplify Companies Its Growth Curve

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How do you analyze your business’ advancement and survival? What strategies will help you achieve your targeted growth success? Finding answers to these questions helps you make the right changes to amplify your business’s growth. Today, every decision companies make affects the lifestyles of many. This is why software development is a significant digitization game-changer. All cutting-edge devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers require some form of software. However, businesses that require tailor-made software for their particular business requirement need custom software development.

Custom software development entails designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining custom software with particular attention to user and functionality. Unlike standard software, custom versions are designed to enhance business efficiencies, productivity and improve customer relations. This article should help you understand custom software and how it can help you amplify your business growth.

Custom software development overview

Today’s digital business climate poses more challenges to businesses and customers alike. It can be puzzling and stressful to manage complex applications. However, for a business owner, developing custom software for your customer’s particular needs should be your first call. Bespoke software development likewise offers a solution for your customers to meet their specific requirements. According to research, the US accounts for 40% of the world’s IT market to create approximately 12 million jobs. The average software company spends 35% of its budget on packaged application software and around 27% on custom software development. This includes software languages, application servers, or architecture or problem testing.

More so, it is easier to confuse custom software with commercial off-the-shelf software. Product software available on the market, such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, and Windows operating system, are examples of Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software (COTS). Unlike custom software, COTS are already-built applications available to download, install, and use. It is the preferred alternative for businesses with limited time for personalized software. Yet, there are many benefits to using custom software, especially when all companies do not demand the same unique treatments.

Despite the various choices available, the software market can’t address the issues faced by every business. That is the reason why business owners need unique solutions, a more reason many turn to software development companies like Rorko for adapted solutions or build new ones.

Benefits of custom software development

It can be tricky deciding between custom software or an inexpensive off-the-shelf alternative. However, many businesses find custom software more beneficial than bulk-produced software products. Some of the biggest highlights of custom software development include:

Improved business scalability

You aim to grow your business operational scale over time. This means building new products, services and improving existing processes. Generally, Off-The-Shelf Software is not equipped to handle business growth, resulting in productivity and functionality loss. Bugs typically occur when a business attempts to alter off-the-shelf software to support its growth leading to work disruption. Custom software offers a bug-free way to handle your business growth. You can use and update custom software for years without worrying about spending on a new product.

Unique and innovative software product

Since two businesses cannot be precisely the same, it is practical to have personalized software that satisfies your particular needs. Custom-made software enables the business to have their required highlights and functionalities in one software to streamline their processes. Software development companies can build software to align your business objective and provide ample opportunity for growth. Custom software can complement your business efforts better off-the-shelf software designed for general business use.

Enhanced employee drive and efficiency

Unlike businesses that use custom software, those who depend on off-the-shelf products are often experiencing work disruption as their products do not offer the full features they require for their smooth business operations. Employees are more effective and efficient when they use custom software for daily tasks. Studies have proposed that employees with personalized tools have shown positive feedback and greater confidence than those with standard, off-the-shelf tools.

Likewise, your staff may be more driven to complete their jobs at satisfactory levels with the proper support and tools. They tend to complete work faster and more efficiently to the advantage of your business bottom-line.

Increased ROI

Cost is a significant drawback for businesses seeking to use custom software. While it is considerably expensive to purchase custom software upfront, your business will earn more investment returns. Investing in custom software development is practical for companies looking to save money in the long run. You won’t need to acquire a license, pay for extra hardware or features your employees may never use. Businesses have the advantage of building personalized software from scratch when they go for custom software development.

Why your business needs custom software development

In contrast to off-the-shelf software, custom software development offers more flexibility and scalability suitable for growing businesses. You can customize the software to suit your particular needs and easily include more features as your business processes change. Your business will no longer be limited to the confines of the off-the-shelf software solution.

How to choose your custom software development company

There could be many reasons why you have settled on custom software. To streamline your processes or expand your business, you will have to decide on a custom software development company. As of 2018, there were over 525,000 software and IT businesses in the US, with approximately 40,500 being tech startups. The number has seen a significant increase that has made it hard to settle on custom software companies. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right company:

  • Talk to people in your network for referrals on custom software developers
  • Check the company’s portfolio for the previous project
  • Understand the various software platforms to decide your custom software technology.
  • Pick a company with a proven delivery time.
  • Don’t focus on only technical skills but communication abilities.
  • Verify application ownership to avoid any project conflicts
  • Pay attention to user experience, security, and safety concerns.


Build your custom software with us

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