Why custom software development is better than off-the-shelf solutions

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Choosing to develop custom software rather than using an off-the-shelf solution is a decision that many entrepreneurs make. The benefits of developing custom software are numerous and can save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. In this blog post, we will discuss some reasons why choosing custom software development over an off-the-shelf solution is the best choice for your business.

1 Get the exact features you need

The first reason why custom software development is better than off-the-shelf solutions is that you are able to get the exact features your business needs. Off-the-shelf systems tend to include a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles, which might not be what your company needs. 

This can result in spending more money on licenses or subscriptions than you need to. For example, many accounting applications will offer modules for things like inventory management or project tracking when these features may not apply at all for your business type. When developing custom software with Rorko, only the most relevant functionality is included in our system design, allowing us to provide you with exactly what you need without wasting space or money on anything else!

2 Off-the-shelf solutions don’t scale up well over time

Off-the-shelf solutions may work for a while, but they are often not built to be scalable. For example, if your business is experiencing rapid growth, then you will probably need some additional servers or bandwidth within the next few years. Unfortunately, these things can cost thousands of dollars, and it might not even be possible with an off-the-shelf solution that was designed just for what you needed when your company was small.

With custom software development from Rorko, we build our systems so that they can scale up as much as you need them to! Our platform designs allow us to expand quickly and easily without breaking the bank! Additionally, we can leave room in our system architecture design so that future expansions won’t require major changes to the platform.

3 You can hire developers at a lower rate

Developing custom software is also much cheaper than using an off-the-shelf solution. This allows you to hire developers for less money and still get the same level of quality work. Many companies will tell you that they can’t afford a custom software development project because it costs too much, but this isn’t true! Once we have written our proposal, we can give you exact pricing based on your specific needs so there won’t be any surprises along the way.

4 With custom software development, you have more control over the final product

The last reason that developing custom software is better than off-the-shelf solutions is that you have more control over how it looks and operates. With an off-the-shelf system, you are limited to what they provide, so there isn’t much room for creativity or tweaking things to work exactly as your company needs them to if something doesn’t look right or operate properly, then tough luck – unless, of course, you want to pay extra money for customization which can get pretty expensive in itself!

With custom software development from Rorko, we give our clients full access and complete control over every aspect of their solution’s design. In addition, we pride ourselves on being flexible enough to accommodate any changes needed along the way without breaking the bank!

As you can see, there are many reasons why custom software development is better than off-the-shelf solutions. However, when it comes to getting what your business needs at an affordable price with high-quality results, nothing beats building a solution from scratch exactly how you want it!