10 reasons why WordPress is a recommended choice for startups

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Key challenges for startup owners include building an online presence and balancing the books. WordPress offers a raft of solutions for new businesses looking to make a splash without breaking the budget. In this guide, we’ll explore 10 reasons why WordPress is an excellent choice. 

10 reasons to choose WordPress

Website development should be a priority for startup owners. WordPress is the most popular content management system out there. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. WordPress is free

Perhaps the most significant benefit for entrepreneurs with limited budgets and resources is the cost of WordPress website development. Free to use, WordPress enables organizations operating on tight budgets to get ahead. 

2. Simplicity

Launching a business is similar to spinning multiple plates simultaneously. WordPress is simple to use, the setup process is swift and seamless and you don’t need expertise in website or software development to design an impressive site. 

3. Reliability

WordPress is used by more than 35% of all web users (source). It has an excellent reputation and is tried and tested. 

4. User-friendly

For companies with limited resources, WordPress is ideal because it provides a user-friendly interface, which makes designing and managing websites easy. Some businesses will want to take advantage of professional website development services, but WordPress offers an alternative. 

5. Access to a thriving global online community

When you use WordPress, you automatically become a member of a thriving global community. You can access forums, ask questions and seek advice at the touch of a button to solve problems, enhance your site and get the best out of WordPress. 

6. Diverse design options

Aesthetics are key when building and putting the finishing touches to any site. With WordPress, users have access to a diverse range of themes and design options to make their website stand out. 

7. Versatility

One of the main reasons why WordPress is so popular is its versatility. WordPress works for all kinds of businesses across all sectors. Examples range from online stores to news websites.

8. Plugin options

WordPress users can enhance or add to their website with a vast array of plugins, which are available either free of charge or for a small fee. You can customize your plugins to suit your site depending on the target customer and the features or services you want to provide. Statistics suggest that there are currently more than 54,000 free plugins available. 

9. SEO 

SEO (search engine optimization) is a powerful digital marketing method. WordPress users can benefit from optimized sites, which are designed to generate leads and boost sales or clicks. There are also myriad additional plugins to improve SEO performance and reach. 

10. Mobile-friendly

More than 60% of online searches now originate from mobile devices, and screen time is increasing year on year (source). Businesses need to be able to reach mobile users. With WordPress, this is easily done thanks to responsive design that ensures sites look brilliant on all devices. 


WordPress offers an incredible array of benefits for startups looking to save money, reach new customers, attract attention online and create functional, visually appealing websites.